Exhibition in Montgomery

I am having an exhibition at The Little Gallery in Montgomery. You are welcome to the  opening on Friday 15th September 2017 from 6pm to 8pm.

The exhibition will be open until end of October


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10 thoughts on “Exhibition in Montgomery

  1. Hi Jenny, love your work. Just been checking out your website. Not sure if you’d remember me but I’m Ken’s sister Sally. Having left work I’m now an art student – so much interested in other’s work! Hope you’re all well. Sally

    • That is so nice to hear from you, how wonderful is the internet! Good luck with being an art student, am just reading Crisis of Brilliance, about art students before the First World War, they were a mad and interesting lot. I hope your study is a little less fraught!

  2. I don’t expect you will remember me but many years ago I gave you a smattering of words like wild roses hound dogs and cats and you painted a dream it is so wonderful I look at it every morning when I wake up. janice

  3. Hi Jenny, my mum admired your artwork on some greetings cards she saw in a small shop in the Highlands of Scotland. I wish id bought some at the time because it’s coming up to her Birthday and I can’t find the cards anywhere online! Do you know where sells them? JH

    • Hello Jane, I am very glad to hear your Mum enjoyed the pictures, the cards are available on line from Bird, who publishes them. She has an online shop and sells her own work, and a few other artists whose work she publishes. She would also tell you if there is any supplier near you. There should be a link to her site on mine, I must have a look at doing it! Best wishes Jenny

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