Exhibition April 2016

i have an exhibition opening on the 24th of April at the Silk Top Hat Gallery in Ludlow.

I have been working over the winter, when the garden has been less needy, and have really enjoyed getting back to it. The weather has been so mild that the studio has been almost warm! Lots of new work, oils and watercolours, all currently being framed.image


winter paintings

The pig has gone, we don’t like to ask where, we were told she had gone to the boar, but as she left on the evening before market day there are doubts…

I have been painting all winter, luckily it has been mild which is a real help when you live in a very chilly farm house. work can be a challenge here in cold weather, although the winter is the best time to work as the garden is a little less demanding. I have done a lot of oil paintings, starting with a tinted canvas which is a new approach, and using compositions with lots of figures, they feature Daisy the pig and apple picking, the fruit harvest was fantastic this last year, and a few washing line paintings, always a favourite subject. There should be about 25 new works including some watercolours for the coming exhibition opening on march 25th after the private view on Sunday the 24th.studio

Pig and Veggies

20130805-205745.jpg 20130805-205823.jpg 20130805-205840.jpg

It is a very long time since I said anything. Not in real life. Where I have said quite a lot. I have been gardening and prevaricating over painting but today I did some work. I don’t know why it’s always so difficult to get down to it.

We now have a pig here. I must include her in a painting. She is called Daisy and is a great engine of muscular force. She reorganises her bed with her hugely strong nose and shoves her water tub around and over. Eating is her chief pleasure.

Harvesting is a task at the moment. Ten courgettes a day, beans (french and runner) raspberries, cabbage, fennel, spinach, kale, tomatoes, carrots, turnips. I feel a little overwhelmed. Perhaps that’s why it’s difficult to get down to painting.


I have been lambing, all finished now, Morag and Maisie had triplets and Agnes and Sybil had singles. All doing well and am beginning to get back to other things. Time for painting again, although any moment the garden is going to be calling again! Ned has started the framing for the exhibition, luckily it is a little warmer today as the shed is horribly chilly.

I have a hen sitting on 13 eggs, and this morning I found a hen nesting in the sheep hay manger. Good and safe from foxes but rather disturbed by hungry sheep!

March Exhibition

My next exhibition is at the Silk top Hat in Ludlow, opening on March 24th, please sign up for invitations!

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Welcome to my blog

This is my first post on this blog. I’ll use this to let you know what is happening here and what plans I have for exhibitions or workshops.